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Advanced Reconstructive Surgery Alliance (ARSA) Announces New Partnership with CimiSurgical

April 10, 2023

CimiSurgical Joins World-Class Network of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Adding to its Fast-Growing Roster

"CimiSurgical is one of the premier pediatric and craniofacial reconstruction practices in the country."
— Andrew Elkwood, MD, CEO of ARSA

RED BANK, N.J. April 10, 2023 -- Today, the Advanced Reconstructive Surgery Alliance (“ARSA”) welcomes CimiSurgical to its National consortium. With the addition of CimiSurgical, ARSA adds a premier partner in New Jersey and further expands its footprint in the northeast region of the country.

CimiSurgical is the second practice to join ARSA in 2023. This elite team serves northern New Jersey and specializes in craniofacial diagnosis and treatment, including cleft lip and cleft palate repair, craniosynostosis, plagiocephaly, facial reanimation, and Moebius syndrome. They are also well versed and esteemed in the areas of breast surgery, hand surgery, skin pathology, and Mohs reconstruction.

“CimiSurgical is one of the premier pediatric and craniofacial reconstruction practices in the country,” said ARSA CEO, Andrew Elkwood, MD, MBA. “As ARSA continues to partner with different types of practices, beyond just plastic and reconstructive surgeons, it was clear that a strategic alignment with CimiSurgical allows us to provide care to an even broader range of patients, including children.”

Headquartered in Red Bank, NJ, ARSA is partnering with leading Reconstructive and Plastic Surgeons who seek a strategic alignment with the capital resources and expertise to invest in best-in-class practice infrastructure and facilitate future growth. As part of this alliance, ARSA practice members will continue to deliver excellent patient care and further enhance clinical quality through collaboration with their new colleagues and ARSA’s management resources. Joining ARSA will offer members greater economies of scale, enhanced clinical interaction, and an overall competitive advantage.

“We are extremely excited about this partnership with ARSA and the opportunities it will bring our practice in NJ and throughout the country,” stated Frank Ciminello, MD, founding partner of CimiSurgical. “Our group of surgeons will certainly thrive in such a collaborative and esteemed group. We look forward to a wonderful future as part of the ARSA family.”

If interested in learning more about a partnership with ARSA, contact:

James Maggs
Executive Vice President

About CimiSurgical

CimiSurgical | Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery provides exceptional patient care to the Maywood and Ridgewood areas of New Jersey. Over the last decade, the team has refined surgical techniques for facial trauma, positioning the practice as a leading craniofacial treatment center

About Advanced Reconstructive Surgery Alliance

ARSA is an alliance of like-minded practitioners with the highest clinical standards and shared resources that offer economies of scale. Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons benefit from an adaptive business environment with infrastructure, marketing, and a level of excellence which enables them to concentrate on the business of providing extraordinary clinical services. They are empowered to focus unencumbered – on doing their best work for what matters most...the patient.